Astley Media is a multi award-winning South West PR and Marketing Agency.


The company started in 2012, based in Exeter, working mostly with regional companies across various sectors.


A quick history:

2012 - Marc Astley sets up Exeter Daily + Astley Media - media consultancy

2013 -  Astley Media PR and Marketing Agency - 3 directors Marc, Dan, Caroline + associates - freelance, CIPR Award, growth in clients and range of sectors - B2C & B2B

2014 - First employees, CIPR Awards, continued growth in clients and sectors

2016 - Fast Track to Growth (FT2G), Tech South West, CIPR Award Silver Outstanding Small Consultancy

2017 - Fast Track to Growth, Tech South West, Inspires events, CIPR Award Gold Outstanding Small Consultancy and CIPR Award Silver Corporate and Business Communications Campaign

2018 - first year of Future of the Workplace initiative and Space Awards for client Space

2019 - CIPR Award for Future of the Workplace and Space Awards, inaugural Tech South West Awards  

2020 - Project Positivity launched as part of Coronavirus pandemic response, supporting local bus community with comms resources, webinars, podcast and more. 


Over time the company has evolved into a forward thinking and outward looking firm that does more than your average marketing agency with projects FT2G, the Inspired series & Tech South West all growing to be engaging brands in their own right.  

We become part of your world and work alongside you to understand everything you do, what you want to achieve and where you want to go.

We find out what makes you tick, what drives the business and we achieve clarity on the people that matter and your goals for each – employees, new customers, long-standing customers, partners, fans, followers, advocates, influencers…

Once we know that, then the work really begins with the 5 step process…

You the storyteller

Step one: You the storyteller

Your story sets you apart from others and translates your passion for what you do. Become a magical storyteller and help your customers and employees become your greatest advocates.

Astley Media will ask the right questions in order to:

  • Discover your story

  • Find and nurture your storytellers

  • Embrace and inspire customers’ stories

  • Bring your story to life every day

Stand up stand out

Be a go giver

Step two: Stand up stand out

Stand out from the crowd by being bold, different and brilliant at what you do. Being good at everything just isn’t good enough any more.

Being exceptional at something is what really matters

We will help you develop your PR and marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd by:

  • Defining your competitive edge

  • Developing the approach that will get you noticed

  • Learning to give customers belief in you

  • Understanding  how to benefit from relentless change

Step three: Be a go giver

Never be afraid to give things away for free so that people get a taste of your brand. Giving comes from the heart and we believe it needs to be at the heart of your PR and marketing strategy.

We will help you to build a go-giving strategy through:

  • Exploring the psychology of giving

  • Understanding the art of receiving

  • Building lasting relationships

  • Creating win-wins that keep people coming back for more

Be your own publisher

Step four: Be your own publisher

With countless channels and communities, you need absolute clarity to succeed, cutting through the mass of information and clutter, reaching out and connecting with the people that matter to you.

We will help you to be your own publisher by supporting you to:

  • Learn the best ways to create and connect

  • Develop the ideas that create a buzz

  • Take control of your content management, including social media

  • Use the best PR and marketing platforms perfect for your brand

Build your tribe

Step five: Build your tribe

Tribe: ‘A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognised leader.’

We will help you build your tribe of advocates through:

  • Discovering tribal theory

  • Developing your tribal leaders

  • Turning customers into advocates

  • Adopting the techniques to grow your tribe

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