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Top Halloween Marketing Campaigns for 2018

Astley Media intern Katherine captures some spooktacular Halloween-themed marketing campaigns from 2018 that have impressed us this year!

1. Manchester’s Halloween in the City

via lovinmanchester.com

The City of Manchester’s creepy new inhabitants caught our attention as the city promotes a fleet of events for all its citizens and visitors for a haunting weekend 27-28 October. The giant inflatable monsters can be seen protruding out of well known central locations including Manchester Arndale, House of Fraser, Manchester Hall, Mayfield, Piccadilly Place and 35 Dale Street.

2. Fanta

via coca-cola.co.uk

For 2018, Fanta has partnered with Snapchat and digital agency Movement for its biggest Halloween campaign yet. On a limited run of Halloween-themed bottles and cans of Fanta, QR codes were added so customers could scan to receive a special, Halloween-themed Snapchat filter. A great demonstration of collaborative and creative PR and marketing.

3. Svedka Vodka: Banner Ad Curse

via thedrum.com

Svedka Vodka have devised a campaign where after clicking on online ads for cocktail recipes, customers become ‘cursed with hellish ads’ and a video plays telling them the terrifying news. Then, they use retargeting to deliver their ads to webpages the customer visits. A creative way to engage with spooky season!

4. Universal Pictures: Halloween Movie 2018

via prexamples.com

With the latest installment of the Halloween franchise, Universal Pictures unleashed a selection of PR and marketing techniques to engage audiences. During the Toronto Film Festival screening of the movie, an actor was placed, dressed as escaped mental patient and serial killer Michael Myers in the theatre, with the audience! Fans and creatives were asked to design different posters for the movie which were later judged and used as digital marketing materials. An innovative example of successful audience engagement.

5. Burger King’s 2018 Halloween Burger

via fortune.com

Following on from the success of Burger King’s #ScaryClownNight Halloween ad last year, the chain has this year shared a video demonstrating the supposed disturbing effects of their Halloween burger: sleep problems and nightmares. Focusing on the ‘nightmarish’ effects of your own product is certainly a different way to promote your brand.

6. Now TV’s rent-a-clown

via prexamples.com

If you aren’t into forking out money on sweets for strangers knocking at your door this year, have no fear! Now TV has offered customers the chance to hire some scary looking clowns to act as bouncers outside your home. They’ll deter the trick or treaters for you, so you can stay in an enjoy a good Halloween movie uninterrupted.

7. Thorpe Park Fright Nights

via thorpepark.com

Fed up of vicariously experiencing horror through films? If you’re looking for a way to truly experience fear in person this year look no further than Thorpe Park’s Halloween Fright Nights. From The Walking Dead to the Blair Witch experiences, there’s something guaranteed to scare everyone senseless. A immersive way to experience Halloween!

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