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Why having a laugh is important in the face of all of this adversity

Updated: Jul 23

It was the first time I had worn a DJ to a team meeting, but this was no usual team meeting.

On Monday evening, like many other businesses, we decided to heed government advice and shifted working from the office to home.

We are lucky. We don’t HAVE to be at our place of business to do the things we do and, as a result, we have adopted a flexible approach.

That paid off on Tuesday morning at 10am when our first ‘virtual’ meeting took place via Zoom https://zoom.us, with an agenda shared on Google Drive https://www.google.com and real time updates and action points shared on Slack https://slack.com.

These are all tools we have embraced in recent months and they helped the meeting go seamlessly.

Expecting the rest of the team to be in their PJs and novelty slippers, I decided to up my game by sporting dress shirt and bow tie (which was a lot tighter than when I last wore it).

However, at roll call, I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone present, correct and highly amused by my choice of attire (see picture).

One wag asked if I was going out early or had come home very late.

When it came to discussing the Coronavirus outbreak we were, like everyone, concerned and confused but also resolute that we were in a position to be able to help our clients through the next few difficult weeks, possibly, months.

There are three key challenges currently facing all businesses … Communication, Communication, Communication… and that is our game.

At Astley Media, we have an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience when it comes to crisis and internal communications.

We will be offering clients a suite of free services to help them deal with the slings and arrows and sea of troubles that may well come their way and we will also produce a resource pack for general distribution.

Having spent 20 years in the newspaper industry, I am well aware that what appears to be the most rock solid business model can be disrupted, overnight.

In my experience, the key to survival is reacting swiftly, thinking differently, maintaining momentum and taking your team with you, all subjects I will cover in more detail in subsequent blogs.

Now more than ever is a time to involve your colleagues in key decisions, ask for their opinion and keep them constantly in the loop.

They have helped you to get where you are and, if you show them care and compassion, they will help you to get where you need to be.

And finally,… as hard and unnatural as it may seem in the current climate, make sure you make time to laugh.

After appearing in my DJ, we hit upon the idea of nominating one person to dress in peculiar attire during each subsequent virtual, team meeting.

The baton has been handed to my colleague Elle Taylor… watch this space!

Wishing you all the very best and if Astley Media can help you with anything at all during this uncertain period our, virtual, door is open.

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