Sapphire Spaces were a new company, launched in 2012, offering high-end kitchens and bathrooms, with a complete advice, fitting and support service. They asked Astley Media to help them establish the new brand in a highly competitive market.


The first year of any business is crucial. But it’s also a wonderful opportunity to start to tell, share and grow your story through new connections.

We worked closely with the Sapphire Spaces team to really understand their passions and the desires of their potential customers.

What Sapphire Spaces sell is special, and we felt the best way for them to show their passion and show people just how special their kitchens and bathrooms were, was to get people to experience them for real.

To start with, we spent time establishing the brand by careful placement of editorial, competitions, sponsorship and advertising, using relevant channels for their audience.

But that was just laying the foundations. We knew we had to come up with a unique angle if we were to set Sapphire Spaces apart from the competition and get people to start to share in – and so share with others – their new and unfolding story.

The solution… Sapphire Nights.

Why can’t a kitchen showroom become the desirable place to hang out and party?

So, once a month, we turned the showroom – an incredible space –  into something very different: a ladies’ pampering retreat, a pop-up art gallery and a boys’ 007 Bond party night, complete with Aston Martins and spy gadgets galore.

A book launch and cookery demonstration with top celebrity chef Michael Caines completed a buzzing 2013 – which also saw the first bookings of the venue by other organisations.




The strategy resulted in dozens of social diary pages in magazines and newspapers, and lots of great face-to-face engagement, creating conversations aplenty that helped build the brand as people experienced Sapphire Spaces for real and just as they should be – fun and exciting social occasions.

It helped Sapphire Spaces smash its first year budget targets, and quickly established the brand as a recognised major player in the market.


We recruited Astley Media to help us launch the showroom and were so pleased with the results that we kept them on as our PR and Marketing experts.

Each member of the team goes out of their way to understand the business and are always there when we need them.

The icing on the cake though are the contacts that Astley Media have. From celebrities to movers and shakers, their little black book is gold dust.

Alex Newbery
Director, Sapphire Spaces

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