Boost summer bookings.

SW Camper Hire needed a bookings boost ahead of the summer. The Exeter-based company have a fantastic fleet of vintage and modern VW campers, but needed to engage with the right people – those thinking of staying in the UK for their holidays and hadn’t made their mind up just weeks before the holidays.


Stand Up and Stand Out!

Traditionally the company, which prides itself on excellent customer service, had focused on magazine advertising, supplemented with Facebook activity.

The difficulty is of course that plenty of other camper van hire firms do the same.

We needed to help SW Camper Hire stand up and stand out. First we looked at the story – this is a company that’s all about adventure, setting people free to explore and fulfil their dreams.

This is not a company for people who prefer to lie by a hotel pool, lined up in rows alongside everyone else who has booked a package deal, and then file back on to an overcrowded airline to fly home again.

SW Camper Hire is a company for explorers and adventurers.

Based in a stunning part of the world, SW Camper Hire’s happiest customers have amazing adventures that they create for themselves.

We worked with the company to develop a new strapline – Your Adventure Starts Here – and new content including imagery, to help start to tell that story.

But customers making last minute decisions about where to go on holiday were needed quickly.

So we parked owner Julian and the lovely Morrison vintage VW in the middle of a modern buzzing shopping centre. No branding, no stand, no freebies. A van and a man. And Julian sat in the van. And he waited.

And guess what? People were curious. They wandered over to take a look. ‘Have you broken down’ asked one shopper? ‘Are you allowed to park here’ asked another. They wanted to know – what’s the story?

Conversations started, people peered inside. They asked to have a look, climbed in the back. Kids decided which bed ‘was theirs’.

They peaked at the gadgets, marvelled at the kitchen, folded down then folded back up the beds.

Couples started imagining where they’d go for a long weekend. Parents began to think about the possibilities – staying on the beach after everyone else has gone home, or cooking up a meal anywhere you chose.




By taking your brand, and putting it somewhere completely out of context, SW Camper Hire created a stir and started creating conversations. Not huge numbers – but enough.

That day led to a surge in last minute bookings and helped to shape the company’s future marketing strategy.

As marketer Seth Godin once remarked: “Stop advertising. Start innovating.”


I’ve worked with Astley Media on the full range of marketing and PR – from fun features in the Western Morning News and great content for our social media channels, to targeted marketing through our e-newsletter, competitions and events.


The aim is always the same, to help make South West Camper Hire stand out from the crowd and get out there and build conversations that forge good relationships and good business.


Tourism is a crowded market so you’ve got to work really hard to define and give a taste of the experience you are offering people. ‘Your Adventure Starts Here’ was – and remains – all about just that: helping people discover that they can create and immerse themselves in their very own adventure here in the West Country.

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South West Camper Hire

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