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Devon’s IT strategy and support specialists, Timewade, wanted more Devon-based SME leads.


Astley Media developed the Technology for Success initiative. This campaign started with a survey to analyse how South West businesses are currently using technology, and how they plan to use technology in the future. 


The survey was promoted via the Timewade e-newsletter, social media, local membership organisations and a Linkedin advertising campaign with a prize incentive. 62 businesses took part.


The results of the survey informed the Technology for Success report, the first of its kind, demonstrating how South West businesses are managing to incorporate technology into their strategies and the biggest barriers to making the most of technology. 


Business leaders were then invited to attend the Technology for Success Business Group, where they could learn more about emerging technology trends and how their business could benefit the most from them. The group met at Exeter Science Park and was attended by business leaders representing a range of industries including law, finance, human resources and recruitment, marketing and sales.


In light of the Covid-19 crisis, Astley Media supported Timewade to develop a series of Technology for Success webinars to address the immediate concerns of local SMEs. The sessions are delivered in partnership with local organisations Minerva Lifelong Learning, Insight6, Commissioning HR, Stephens Scown LLP and Astley Media. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees representing a wide range of sectors and technological expertise.


As well as the Technology for success initiative, Astley Media has helped to develop Timewade’s website with impactful copy and strong visuals to showcase their service.


On a day-to-day basis Astley Media manage Timewade’s social media channels and create regular blogs and thought leadership pieces.




Working with Astley Media has broadened Timewade’s business network, with 62 businesses completing the Technology for Success survey and 126 business leaders attending the Technology for Success group and webinars. Timewade has seen a marked increase in enquiries and an expanded client base. 

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